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How to increase footfall at an exhibition

Attending exhibitions or trade shows is a viable choice if you want to promote your products and services in an effective manner. Trade shows and exhibitions enable marketers to interact with customers in person, on a one-to-one level. However, it is necessary that you select attractive exhibition stands to attract the consumers or prospects.

Investing time and effort in an exhibition or exhibition stands can prove to be a tiresome activity. However, in the end the results will certainly benefit your organisation immensely. It will eventually enhance the sales results considerably.

Following are some tips which can help you to attract consumers.


The written message plays an important role when it comes to capturing the attention of consumers. Ensure that you communicate your message clearly without creating confusion. Avoid including vague terms and words which will confuse your consumers. Poorly written messages will end up turning them away, never to return. Remember the line that the first impression is the last impression and ensure you consult a professional in this regard. The message should be understandable and devoid of any jargon.

Placement of the message or banners

Keep in mind that higher visibility means that all those present can easily view the message with ease. Mount the banner at a greater height so that it can be viewed even from a distance. Use a banner stand for this purpose. Include colourful banners to obtain enhanced results.

Another important point to remember is that the exhibition stand entrance should be open at all times. Incorporate lighting equipment to improve the look of the stand. Keep these factors in mind and increase your customer base.