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How to generate sales leads

Generating new sales leads is perhaps one of the most important goals you can set for your time at a trade show. It is also one of the most valuable benefits of exhibiting.

But how exactly should you go about it?

• Make sure you consider the target audience of the trade show to ensure it corresponds with your own.

• Your stand needs to be eye-catching and attractive. Make sure your layout is inviting and encourages people in.

• The graphics you use on banner stands and pop up stands must make you stand out from your competitors. They need to make an immediate impact.

• Provide incentives to visit your exhibition display – you could send postcards to clients and prospects before the show to promote your presence. Offer some kind of gift to anyone who presents you with the postcard (complete with their contact details)at the trade show.

• You need to create the potential for interaction with your visitors. You need to engage their interest and allow them to talk. You need to avoid sounding like you are delivering a pitch.

• You will need perfect product knowledge and the ability to talk about them confidently. Visitors will base their impression of the company as a whole on your people and professional skills.

• You need each visitor to leave you with their contact details so that you can target them once the trade show is over.