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How to gain a competitive edge using exhibition stand design

The increasing popularity of exhibitions and trade shows has prompted marketers to focus more on these events rather than television and print media advertising. However, this has also increased competition levels between marketers immensely. This is exhibitors need to come up with newer techniques to attract potential customers. You can do this via an effective and attractive exhibition stand design.

The following are some tips which will prove useful when designing exhibition stands:

Use of banners and posters
The use of colourful visuals can certainly prove useful when it comes to enthralling audiences and drawing them towards your exhibition stand. Banner stands are the perfect medium for this. As the name suggests, these stands hold the banners or posters in a firm position, in such a way that they can be viewed even from a distance away. Ensure that the banners are striking enough and contain bold, large and clear fonts for higher visibility.

Use of attractive colours
Colours play an important role in enhancing the overall appearance of the exhibition stand. It is best to go for colours which reflect the image and branding of your organisation.

LCD TV Equipment
You can promote your goods in a new way nowadays thanks to the introduction of LCD TV and Plasma TV equipment. The inclusion of an attractive visual presentation can further captivate consumers and promote interactivity.