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How to decorate exhibition back-walls

Exhibition stand back-walls need attractive, well-designed and high-quality graphics, but what should you print them on?

Foamex Display Boards and Panels are made from a PVC material that has the advantage of being lightweight and hard-wearing. They can be fixed to the exhibition display walls using just Velcro, and can be produced in many sizes.

Graphics are UV printed directly onto the Foamex, which makes them much more durable than if paper prints are mounted and laminated onto boards. This means they are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and will not fade, while the edges will not suffer from lifting, peeling or curling.

There are three thicknesses available, with each being designed for different usage:

• 2mm thick panels are best suited to panels A1-sized or smaller;
• 3mm thick panels are rigid enough for display panels larger than A1, while still being a lightweight option;
• 5mm thick panels are ideal for larger exhibition display panels and those intended for outdoor use.

If, however, portability is your priority, then you should consider using rollable panels. Made from heavyweight stoplight polyester material, these panels are easier to transport than rigid panels, yet they are much thicker and more durable than paper or laminated paper prints.

They are finished with a scratch-resistant laminate which protects the graphic and allows it to lie flat against the back-wall. It is also opaque and so offers a high-quality and complete covering of the wall underneath.