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How to choose what to exhibit

It may be tempting when planning your trade show exhibition stand to cram in as much information about your company as possible. After all, you are only there for a limited period of time, and you need to make the most of this opportunity, right?

Although you certainly need to maximise the impact you make in a short period of time, in this case, less is more! You must resist the temptation to fill your space with too many pop up stands, towers, banners stands, counters and furniture.

You only have a few seconds to captivate the attention of passers-by, and if you make your stand too ‘busy’ you will hamper access and flow and discourage people from stopping. You could also present them with information overload and confuse them rather than entice them.

Creating a successful exhibition stand is all about focus. You need to select one or two products or services that will pique visitors’ curiosity and encourage them to find out more. Your stand must be accessible and easy to move around, with focal points that draw the attention.

The same principle applies to your graphics. Fewer, better designed pop up stands will be much more effective, so make sure your graphics focus on the essential and entice people in – you can always provide more information once you have engaged their interest.