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How to choose lighting for your stand

Lighting may seem like just a detail when you are choosing your display stands and layout. It can, however, have a profound influence on the impact your stand makes.


You can combine the use of spotlights and floodlights; and put fluorescent bars into the end caps of pop up stands or towers. Consider using LED versions, which consume less energy and produce less heat than traditional models. Before you start to make your choice, though, make sure you understand what lighting already exists in the exhibition venue, and particularly in your stand.


Your first objective is to make your display easy to read and attractive, and you need to ensure that banners or graphics that show your company or product name are well-lit and noticeable. Lighting will highlight your graphics and create a contrast with the surroundings, thus drawing the visitors’ eyes to the area you want them to focus on.

Mood & Balance

As we all know, the position and intensity of lighting can be a powerful tool for influencing mood and atmosphere. Getting the right balance is crucial – too many lights can make your stand look cold and uninviting, more like a supermarket or a hospital. Too little lighting and your stand will fade unnoticed into the background.