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How to build an exhibition around the Twist

Twist banner stands are flexible, portable and modular, which makes them extremely useful when planning an exhibition. It also makes them great value for money, as it is possible to build a trade show space almost entirely from Twist banners and their accessories.

A substantial base combined with twist-lock upright pole make the stand very stable, while modified base plates and cut-out graphics allow the use of flat screen monitors. Audio visual displays can add to the attraction of an exhibition, so use the screens to show presentations, product demonstrations, promotional videos…

Use a double-sided Twist banner towards the edges of the space, in a position where the graphics can be seen from various approaches. The double-sided stand maximises your space utilisation, and can increase the impact your stand makes from a distance if positioned correctly.

Link the panels together in order to create back wall displays with seamless graphics. Using the ‘flexilink’ panels allows the creation of corners, or indeed, any shape you want for your exhibition space. A distinct advantage over roller banners and some pop up stands is the potential to create practically any shape required as well as seamless displays of any length.

The wheeled hard case can carry two banner stands, two banner graphics, and the wraparound graphics for the case itself. One or two cases can be used separately or together with counter tops to create podiums that can be integrated into the exhibition itself.