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How Green Is Your Exhibition Stand?

The British government is continually urging the public to be more environmentally-friendly, although many feel the onus is on businesses and companies, both large and small, to make the first step. Printdesigns, the leading provider of exhibition stands, display stands and banner stands, is encouraging firms to do their part.

The firm, which is committed to being green-friendly, offers a range of eco-friendly stands, including the Bamboo X banner stand. In fact, Printdesigns asserted itself as an industry leader, by being one of the first companies to offer bamboo banner stands, as part of its extensive catalogue of products.

A spokesperson from the firm, which offers a range of exclusive and unique exhibition stands, banner stands and pop-up stands, said, “Our new range of bamboo banner stands really is a testament to our commitment to being as environmentally-friendly as possible. Here at Printdesigns, we print graphics onto a material derived from corn fires, which is biodegradeable over time. So, not only are we striving to do our part but our customers are also contributing, which is fantastic!”

When it comes to printing banner stands, the Printdesigns team use inks that are not solvent-based, as solvents contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are bad for the environment. The firm also encourages recycling among its staff and has implemented the use of energy saving light bulbs, to further do its part.

The spokesperson added, “The environment is something that affects everyone, and so it’s obviously important to look after it for future generations. Anything that we as a company and as individuals can do to help, we will endeavour to do.”

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About Printdesigns: Printdesigns is one of the UK’s leading supplier of portable banner stands, pop up stands, pop up displays, exhibition stands and roller banners. we are a specialist print company dealing in the production of portable display stands for exhibitions, conferences, events and advertising. Since our company formed in 1999 we have produced work for a wide variety of businesses both large and small. Our display stands have been the choice for big businesses such as Microsoft, Sony, BMW, Mazda and Lexmark.