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How best to design a Shell scheme stand

This may initially seem like a simple option, as the basic structure is provided (walls, carpet, ceiling, some lighting and power sockets).

As, however, you will have the same starting point as competitors, you need an innovative approach to stand design.

• Cover the standard grey walls with attractive graphics using Shell Clad to hang printed graphics without gaps.

• Pop up stands can be a cost-effective way to model the space. Combine different shapes (curved, straight, L-shaped) to transform the basic Shell Scheme space provided.

• Roller banners are another flexible and adaptable way to shape your exhibition stand while displaying your products. With widths of up to 2m, you have the space to show off some striking graphics.

• Check the lighting provided. The fluorescent lighting already there may not be particularly subtle, and as it hasn’t been designed with your display in mind, it may not do it any favours. Some tweaking may be required with extra lights of your own.

• Decide whether you need to include any accessories or furniture, depending on the nature of your display. Make sure any literature is displayed in suitable holders, and include counters and stands in your display. You may want to encourage visitors to linger by providing coffee tables and bar stools, although if you do that, don’t forget to provide the beverages too!