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Honest and Clear Pricing on Banner Stands from Printdesigns

At Printdesigns we believe in offering clear, up-front and honest pricing on our great range of banner stands.

We believe given the high quality of stand, print material and quality of service, our range of banner stands represent the best value amongst UK based manufacturers. This is the reason why so many Printdesigns customers who buy from us continue doing business with us and become valued customers for many years.

Unfortunately, in a competitive industry it is sometimes the case that many suppliers use underhand tactics to incentivise new customers to place orders rather than looking after existing ones.

Take one supplier who will remain totally nameless.

They advertise a Grasshopper banner stand via Google Adwords for £35 plus vat. To find the product you must visit by the Adwords link.

The very same stand if you do not visit the suppliers website via the Adwords link is £89 plus vat, a massive 254% more expensive!

Underhand and immoral tactics like this penalise the existing customer  who is re-visiting the suppliers website (perhaps to re-order a product) since they would have no idea they were being ripped off. These are not practices that Printdesigns undertake which is why all of our prices are openly advertised on our website and not ‘hidden’ so that only a certain group of customers can find them.

At Printdesigns we do not believe that long-standing, existing customers should pay a higher price when compared to new customers. In fact to the contrary, we believe in working together with our clients to forge long term relationships where special discounts can be put into place.

If you are interested in working with a supplier who will value your long term business why not talk to us.