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Helping you to design your stand

Even once you have the dimensions of your exhibition space, it can be difficult to envisage what the space will look like when filled with banner stands and other display equipment. A successful design is vital if your trade show is to go well, but if you are designing the stand yourself, this may feel like a daunting task.

You can list your ideas and draw sketches, or use a tool such as our ‘BabyCad’ software. ‘BabyCad’ is an online application that creates a 3D image of your exhibition space, which it then allows you to fill with a wide range of display stands, furniture and even people.

Product options can be added allowing you to experiment with shelving, lights and LCD screens amongst others, so that you really can plan your space down to the last detail. View your stand from above as a plan, or as a 3D image, and play around with the layout and design easily.

You even have the possibility of uploading your own skins onto the products so that you can visualise exactly what your stand will look like, and even use the final image in your promotional documentation.

Much easier than pen and paper, this application will let you get the design right and help you make the best choices.