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Heavy Duty Cardboard Cut-Outs

Printdesigns Limited can produce all sorts of bespoke made cardboard cut-out’s of almost any subject. We have made cut out’s of carton characters, pets, brides, grooms….. ┬áin fact, almost anything you can imagine!

Our cardboard cut outs are normally printed onto a base material called Kappa Board which is essentially a polystyrene material around 5mm thick. Kappa board has a foam core with cardboard on the front and back and so is rather like a foam centred sandwich.

Kappa Board is a great material for cut outs because it is very rigid whilst being lightweight and cost-effective too. Being a foam centred material, we cut our Kappa Board with a high frequency oscillating knife blade which leves a nice, smooth edge without the visible side-on corrugations that are present if materials like corrugated box board are used.

Although Kappa Board is great for a cost effective cardboard cut out standee, sometimes our customers are looking for something more robust and substantial that can be left in situ for years. In such situations, we can use far more substantial base materials as in the case of this example where we used an 18mm thick MDF Board.

The MDF was printed with a floor of white ink and then over-printed in full colour with the customers artwork. After printing, the image was cut with a high speed computer controlled router and then a Wedge base was fitted off centre to allow the unit to free-stand whilst leaving the right hand side of the cut out ‘open’ so people could stand in front of it.

We have made lots of heavy duty cut out standees like this for various clients in the past and they have been extremely well received.

If you have a requirement for a bespoke cut out and wish to discuss options and materials, please just call and one of our team can help.


cardboard cut outs

cardboard cut outs