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Great value pop up stands

The Express pop up stand is possibly the best value pop up stand on offer. Designed with a high quality aluminium frame, these display stands offer ease of use, durability, portability, versatility and, of course, quality for a very reasonable price:

Ease of use:
No tools are required to set up these stands – they simply pop up! A complete beginner should take no more than ten minutes to put one up. The magnetic fixings used to attach graphic panels also facilitate life, and dispense with the need for attaching panels to nodes.

Durability: The use of magnetic fixings rather than nodes means there is less potential for breakage, while the sturdy aluminium frame is built to withstand trade show traffic.

Portability: The stands fold back down easily and can be transported in their carry case with minimal fuss.

Versatility: Single pop up panels can be used as stand-alone display stand which is ideal for smaller booths. You can also purchase the 3X4 Express pop up stand which has 6 panels. When assembled, it is an impressive 3.07 metres wide and 2.28 metres tall, making it sure to catch the eye of passers-by.

Quality: The graphic panels hand flush to the frame, and with the right lights, you have everything you need to show your company to its best advantage.
All you need to do now is design graphics worth displaying!