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Great places to put banner stands and attract attention

Banner stands are one of the most common tools used for visual marketing at exhibitions, conferences and even at retail stores. One of the main reasons for this is that banner stands are inexpensive promotional tools. In addition to this, they can be used for announcements and attracting attention. Using banners well can ensure that you get the attention of customers and also put across your message to them effectively.

The placement of banner stands plays an important role in promoting your company and brand. Here are some placement ideas which can make advertising more successful for you.

Above booths – Using the space above your booth or store is an excellent way to attract potential customers. As the stand is high up, you can be sure that it will get attention from all angles whether you are advertising in a shopping centre or convention hall. The banner will also be visible from a distance, which means more attention.

Intersections – Another great place to display banner stands is at intersections in exhibition centres. Companies can use these banner stands to direct customers to their booth or use it as a welcome sign. However, if you are using a banner in this way, ensure it is not too far from the booth or store as customers would have to search for you.

Cash counter – Placing a small banner stand next to the cash counter can also get your message across effectively. Customers will be sure to read your message while waiting for change.