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Furnishing a shell scheme (2)

The four walls of a shell scheme do, however, provide a large display area that will create maximum impact with well-designed graphic panels.

Choose stands that create a focal point and encourage a flow of movement, such as double-sided banner stands and tower pop up stands. The advantage of these stands is that they are visible from different angles, which make them ideal for placing near to entrances – eye-catching graphics will bring the visitors in.

Depending on height restrictions, you could also experiment with giant banner stands of up to 3m tall. If the enclosed nature of your exhibition stand means that it is most visible close-up, then try adding some height to the display with the aim of attracting visitors from further away.

In addition to using display stands to break up the space and provide interest, podiums and counters can also provide a focus, particularly if they are being used for product demonstrations or provide an interactive experience.

Literature holders provide a stylish way of distributing more information without impacting too much on your floor space, and keeping an enclosed space tidy and clutter-free.

If you have trouble visualising your display stand ideas, then try out Print Designs’ online Exhibition Stand Design Package so that you can try out your designs before commiting.