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Furnishing a shell scheme (1)

Designing your own trade show display and choosing which combination of display stands and accessories to use can be a daunting prospect.

Ideally, your exhibition stand would be built around the message you want to communicate to your target public. And yet, things are never that simple, and your choice of exhibition space will probably be determined just as much by your budget as by your messageā€¦

If you decide to go for a shell scheme, your space will be enclosed by aluminium uprights and rigid panels that you can then customise. Shell clad is the best way to do this if you want to create seamless graphics that keep the unsightly aluminium frames hidden from view.

Shell schemes determine the shape of your space, and will influence greatly the choice of stands you use. If the shell scheme provides four walls with entrances, you will need to highlight the entrances and use your graphics to pique the curiosity of the public to encourage them to enter.

Remember to avoid filling a shell scheme with too many stands and accessories. If the enclosed space is crammed full of furniture there will less space for people. Visitors will be unable to move around freely, and may be put off from coming in.