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Four types of display stand to use at trade exhibitions

If you are participating in trade shows, it is important that you select the right display stands. The choice can have a great impact on your success at the exhibition.

There are many types of display stands you can use. Some of them are explained below.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are used by many exhibitors as they offer versatility in exhibiting. Modular display stands consist of many small components fitted together to create the stand. Point of purchase displays, table top displays and portable displays are some common types of modular display stands.

Traditional stands

These types of display stands have been in use for a long time and are the cheapest options available. This display stand consists of two rods firmly fixed in the ground. The space created between these two rods creates a space which is used to hang banners and displays.

Banner stands

There are different types of banner stands available. Some of them are rigid and some are actually motorised. Banner display stands offer ease of set up and installation. They come in different designs and shapes.

Pop up stands

These display stands are effective in enhancing the overall appeal of the trade booth. They look artistic and eye-catching. They are portable to use and hence many businesses prefer them. They are easy to assemble and are a great tool for branding and promotional purposes.