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Factors to consider when buying pop-up displays

When it comes to promotional and advertising tools, pop-up displays are among the most common items used. These tools can effectively display a message and are quite affordable. It is for this reason that most companies invest in them for advertising. However, before buying pop-up displays there are certain things you should consider.

Frames – Most pop-up displays have frames to keep the display sturdy and professional-looking. There are different kinds of frames, including aluminium, carbon fibre and fibreglass. All three materials are lightweight but differ in quality. Aluminium is usually cheaper, but does not have as much longevity compared to the other two.

Materials – Pop-up displays come in different materials like vinyl and soft plastic. Choosing the right material is important as the durability of the displays depend on it. In addition to this, the cost of pop-up displays is also largely dependent on the material you choose. It is best to use high quality material as it will look great and last longer.

Design – The design of pop-up displays is a key factor in the success they can give your company. This is determined by the colour, images, graphics and text used. Use bright colours, attractive images and short and clear text to attract customers. Using high quality graphics can be a little expensive, so this will differ from company to company.

When buying pop-up displays, ensure that you get them from a professional and reliable company to get good quality displays at reasonable cost.