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Exhibitions – making the most out of them

At trade exhibitions, many exhibitors use exhibition stands to create an eye-catching trade booth. Exhibition stands can be an effective marketing tool if used in the right way.

If your company wants to participate in trade exhibitions, using exhibition stands is a must to ensure success. To make the most out of the exhibition, you should follow the below steps to increase your chances of success and the effectiveness of your display stand.

Make the most of actual leads

It is important that you identify positive leads from the exhibition so that you can maximise them later. Many exhibitors feel that by collecting more names, they can increase their business. This is not true. Actual sales leads are important, not names. Actual leads are those who have shown interest in the product or those who have already made a decision to buy.

Time limits

Appropriate time limits should be set. During the exhibition, many people will be visiting your trade booth, and you can’t afford to concentrate on just one customer. Your sales staff should be skilled enough to handle customer traffic in a good way. This ensures that no person attending your trade booth feels neglected or left out. Proper handling is good to keep the exhibition moving at a steady pace.

Bear these things in mind and make the most out if your exhibition.