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Exhibition stands – three popular types to consider

Trade exhibitions are great places for companies to advertise their products to a wide audience. It is a good way to display products and also leads to sales at the same time.

When your company wishes to participate in a trade exhibition, using exhibition stands is a good option. Using the right exhibition stands and trained sales staff, your company can create maximum impact at the exhibition.

Exhibition stands are of different types. You need to select those that complement your marketing needs and budget. Some common types of exhibition stands are explained below.

Traditional exhibition stands

Traditional exhibition stands are most widely used for exhibition purposes. A traditional exhibition stand consists of two rods firmly fixed in the ground. The space between the two rods creates a place for you to display your banner. These exhibition stands are popular because they are affordable and can be easily assembled.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular exhibition stands are versatile. A modular exhibition stand consists of many different components that are attached together to create the stand. As they can be dismantled easily, it is easy to transport them to different exhibition venues. Their flexibility also allows you to assemble them easily without taking much time.

Banner and pop up exhibition stands

Banner and pop up exhibition stands come in different types like motor banners, roller banners and rigid banners. These banners have become popular these days as they are space efficient and help to display many products at the same time. Sales staff can make good use of motorised and roller banners to attract visitors to their trade booth.

While buying exhibition stands, it is important that you balance costs, convenience and creativity well to create the desired impact.