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Exhibition stands – Three important factors that influence your purchase

If your company has participated in a trade exhibition in the past, then you must be aware of the different benefits of exhibiting. At trade exhibitions, you have to use the right exhibition stands. Exhibition stands come in different shapes and styles. You have to thus select the right exhibition stand to ensure you achieve success from your trade show participation. There are different factors that affect the attractiveness of exhibition stands. Some of these are explained below.

Style and size

The type of exhibition stand you select should reflect the motive of your participation in the exhibition. You have to select the right style and design of exhibition stand if you want to create an impressive trade booth. Exhibition stands come in different types like pop up stands, desktop stands and roller banner stands. Large sized exhibition stands come in a shell form. Custom designed exhibition stands can create a professional look for your trade exhibit. You can select professional looking exhibition stands if you want to have a separate space for business discussions and meetings.


If you choose the right accessories to go with your exhibition stand it can create the desired impression. The accessories you choose should be able to create a professional look for your trade booth. You could have a visual screen with AV display or laptop to create a more engaging trade exhibit. If you have some videos or pictures to share your target audience will be attracted to your trade show booth. Audio-video stands and power-point presentations can be really beneficial for your company.


If you have spent a huge amount of money on your exhibition stand, you should ensure that they can be reused on a number of occasions. You should be able to use these exhibition stands at different trade shows. To enhance the usage of these stands, you can even buy ones with interchangeable graphics.