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Exhibition stands – Things every first time exhibitor should know

Participating in an exhibition becomes very difficult for a first time exhibitor as it involves lots of planning and strategies for success. Exhibition stands are one of the most important parts of an exhibition that contributes to the success. Here are few things you should know about them.

Different types of exhibition stands

Exhibition stands are of many types and should be chosen as per your needs and budget. The 4 main types of display stands that are often used by exhibitors are;

  • Banner stands
  • Pop up stands
  • Literature stands
  • Customised stands

Mentioned above are the display stands that are seen in every exhibition. These stands can be used individually or combined for better results. Banner and pop up stands are used to hang posters and other displays whereas literature stands are used to hold brochures, pamphlets and leaflets. These can be used to exhibit books as well. Customised stands can be made as per availability of space and budget and combine them with other exhibition stands.

What can you do with exhibition stands?

You can add many attractions to your stand like lighting and other accessories. Use of LCD screens is getting popular as they attract more visitors and are effective than any other attractions. Lighting up an exhibition stand helps in changing the overall look of it. For instance, one can use different types of lights to focus on the required areas of displays. It will make it easily noticeable to visitors.

Similarly, adding projectors, screens and other point of display sales counters can make the job of your exhibition stand easier for you.