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Exhibition stands – four types you can choose to buy

If you are participating in trade exhibitions, then it is important that you choose the right exhibition stand. Exhibition stands are an integral part of a trade show. There are different types of exhibition stands available. Some of these are explained below.

Modular exhibition stands

Modular display stands offer versatility while exhibiting and hence they are popular among most exhibitors. A typical modular exhibition stand consists of many small components fitted together to create the stand. Table top displays, point of purchase displays and portable displays are some common types of modular exhibition stand.

Traditional exhibition stands

Traditional exhibition stands have been used for a long time. Their mechanism is simple. A typical traditional stand consists of two rods that are fitted firmly in the ground. The space created between these two rods is used as a platform to hang the banner. Their popularity has not declined with the introduction of many new and feature loaded exhibition stands.

Literature exhibition stands

Literature exhibition stands are special exhibition stands that are used to display different types of literature about the product. A literature stand looks like a portable bookshelf with many small compartments. The exhibitor can place different types of literature material like brochures, catalogues, product manuals and pamphlets on the small shelves. Literature stands ensure that a lasting impression is left on the trade visitors. As they can take away the literature materials with them, it helps in better product recall.

Pop up stands

Pop up exhibition stands give a unique feel to the trade booth. They are artistic in their appeal. They come with a lot of add-on features that enhances the appeal of the stand.