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Exhibition stands at a glance (2)


Shell Clad

Designed with Shell schemes in mind, the Shell Clad allows graphic panels to be attached to the shell scheme back-wall structure in order to create a seamless and continuous back-wall display while hiding the unsightly aluminium uprights of the structure.

Folding Panel Kits

The more traditional back-wall display, covered in Velcro-compatible fabric, which allows different media to be attached to the panels. This makes it a versatile product that is particularly suited to use in schools or other establishments where the information on display is regularly changed and updated.

Promotional Units and Counters

Perfect for product demonstrations, sales counters, sales promotions, point of sale displays etc. Wraparound graphics and header panels customised to match graphics panels are eye-catching.

Linear Displays

These stands are great for displays that are semi-permanent. Linear display panels have impressive load bearing capacities and are modular, enabling an exhibitor to add to or reconfigure them. The aluminium frame profiles also add interest and shape to the stands.

Desktop Displays

Mini banner or pop up stands are a great way to attract attention in retail or exhibition displays. They are quite literally little versions of the real thing!

ISOframe Wave Display Stands

As its name suggests, this stand is designed to be flexible. Its construction means it can be configured into an endless array of shapes, which makes it extremely adaptable for use in different exhibition spaces.