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Exhibition stands at a glance (1)

Exhibition displays have come a long way since the first traditional display boards, and today the choice can seem a little bewildering! Below is an overview of the types of displays that can be used alone or in combination, at exhibitions or in retail:
Banner stands

The smaller models are great for exhibition stands with limited space – they look professional while remaining lightweight and extremely portable. Easy to assemble even alone, the banner stand is a cost-effective, high quality alternative to the pop up stand:

• Double sided – great for retail displays and at the entrances to an exhibition stand.
• Eco-friendly – made from sustainable bamboo. Green, durable stands that are wallet-friendly, too!
• Giant banner stands – up to 2m wide and 3m tall. Perfect for catching the eye from a distance.
• Tensioned Rod Banner Stands – graphics can be changed and updated easily.
• Linking Banner Stands, such as the Stealth and Twist banner stands – use the stands individually, or create long continuous walls or curved shapes.

Pop up stands

Pop up stands are considered the ultimate in portable display stands, as they can still be packed away and taken home in a car, having packed a punch at the exhibition!

• Magnetic – the frame is easy to assemble, and attaching the graphics is child play with magnetic elements to fix graphics so they hang correctly.
• Cross-braced – extra tubing reinforces the frame, making these stands sturdy and stable, even on uneven floors.
• Fabric – for those whose priority is portability. These stands are really lightweight.
• With screens –incorporate audio visual displays to wow your audience and add a dynamic element to a display.