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Exhibition stands – Tips to attract visitors

Hiring exhibition stands has become an easier option for companies to gain customers and get proper exposure without investing much in advertising and other promotional activities. It becomes necessary to attract the right audience to your exhibition stand as if this opportunity is missed, you might be forced to invest in expensive promotional tools. Here are a few tips to make the most of your exhibition stand by attracting visitors:

Use lighting

Lighting is used by almost every exhibitor but still a different and attractive way of lighting makes your exhibition stand look unique. Many display stands come with in built lighting systems. If you choose to buy different lightings then here are some options available to you:

• Banner stand lights
• Folding panel kit lights
• Linear lighting
• Pop up stand lights

Choosing the right type of exhibition stand

There is a wide variety of exhibition stands available on the market. A good display stand will give your exhibition premises a decent and organised look. Pop up displays, banner stands and literature stands are some of the commonly used exhibition stands. You can choose them depending on your need. For instance, pop up stands can be used if you want to display big posters with short messages while literature stands can be used to display leaflets, brochures and books.

Organise events

Try organising events in your exhibition premises that attract your target audience. For instance, if you are a company exhibiting products for kids then you can come up with game shows and offer prizes to them. Few other events like organising contests and quizzes can also work in your favour.