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Exhibition stand design holds the key to a visually attractive exhibition stand

Many exhibitors fail to understand the importance of exhibition stand design. A lesser known fact is that exhibition stand design plays an important role when it comes to attracting consumers and prospects. A professional and visually appealing exhibition stand will increase the footfall at the exhibition stand. This will eventually result in an improvement in sales results.

Exhibition stands are available in many different designs. Some of the different exhibition stand designs are as follows:

Pop-up display stands – These stands are compact in size and are extremely attractive in nature. Pop-up stands are rather inexpensive and a viable choice if the exhibitor wants to complement the stand with attractive visuals.

Banner stands – As the name suggests, these stands are used to hold the banner in a firm position. The use of attractive visuals and graphics can enhance the visual appeal of the exhibition stands as well.

Exhibition stand designer

An exhibition stand designer plays an important role in the overall exhibition stand design. The designer should be well-versed in this field and should incorporate varying tools such as graphics, lighting equipment, charts, colours and exhibits to create a visually appealing design. An exhibition stand should be designed on the basis of the theme of the exhibition and should convey the promotional message effectively. Exhibitors should remember that the booth or stand should be designed from the target consumer’s point of view.

An exhibition stand can be made more visually appealing via the use lighting equipment and audio visual devices. Therefore, exhibition stand design is an integral component of the exhibition stand.