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Exhibition Stand and Trade Show Tips

Simple Tips for exhibiting

Having a great looking exhibition stand such as one of our banner stands at your event is all very well and good but following some simple tips can help turn your exhibition into a success.

1) Planning lays the groundwork for exhibiting, focusing on the purpose and positioning of your marketing efforts.

If you have an exhibition or event planned then it is important to spend some time planning ahead. For example what customers are you hoping to find at the show, how do you plan to engage with them at the event.
2) Promotion opportunities to attract business and communicate a consistent message in line with your image in the marketplace.

If you are investing in attending a trade show then perhaps you should consider advertising this to both new and existing customers in advance, Why not contact your customers and inform them about the show. You can send invites or promotional goods to your customers.

3) The People on the team represent you at the event, and must possess certain skills that are critical to their effectiveness and overall success.

It’s no good spending a considerable amount of money in attending a show if you don’t capitalise on the investment. Make sure your staff are trained and on hand to approach and speak to your customers and to answer any questions. Make sure you gather information about visitors to your stand so you can follow up on those leads later!

4) Productivity includes after-show follow-up that ensure productive results, and benchmarks to evaluate your show efforts.

You have attended the show and met some new potential customers. Strike while the iron is hot and follow up on these leads as soon as you return to the office. Do not leave it several weeks until the dust settles before making contact. By then a competitor could have got there first!

More tips to follow soon…………