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Exhibition displays with a Twist…

Banner stands are considered by most to be a flexible, adaptable, cost-effective and most of all, highly effective way to display your graphics.

Twist banner stands are all of the above, with the added advantage of being modular and linkable.

Using flexible ‘flexilink’ panels, the straight banner stands can be linked together to create back-walls, curved and angled corners, giving you more variety of shape. This linking also allows you to create a continuous display of any length.

The Media Twist model design means you can integrate a flat screen monitor within your printed display. Incorporating moving images into your banner stand can provide added interest, a focal point, and a contrast with your static stands.

The Twist banner stands also benefit from a unique system to compensate for uneven floors: a self-levelling and tensioning system which means the graphics always look their best.

Easy to set up, portable and versatile, these stands are great for both shell schemes and space only stands, as well as for in-store displays.