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Essential items you should have besides exhibition stands

Exhibitions stands are without any doubt the most essential accessory at your exhibition. But what else might you need?

Extra displays

There are chances displays may be torn or damaged when installing the exhibition stand. As a precautionary measure, it is preferred that you keep an extra display with you.

Collection box

A collection box lets you store A5 posters and information sheets. This is a must-have accessory as the information sheets and extra displays will not create clutter in your exhibition area.

Suggestion box

This accessory will help you in future exhibitions. Visitors can put their suggestions about the exhibition or products in this box which will help you make improvements in the next exhibition.


Most exhibition stands these days come with internal lighting. It is still preferred that you buy extra lights as in-built lighting often is not enough compared to brighter premises. Banner stand lights, folding panel kit lights and linear lighting are some of the most popular lighting available.