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Enhancing your image and visibility at trade shows

Trade shows and exhibitions are a valuable opportunity to enhance the visibility of your company and to strengthen its image.

If you are putting your company on show, however, it is essential to make sure that the image you present is impeccable…

Professional appearance of personnel
Dress should be immaculate and compatible with the company’s image. No food or drink should be consumed or even visible on the exhibition stand.

Body language should show representatives to be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and friendly without being overbearing, boring and overly-familiar.

Create targeted and attractive graphic displays
Graphics should be well-designed in order to maximise the potential of exhibition stands. They should focus on presenting your core message in an innovative but intelligent way.

Panels for pop up or banner stands should be of excellent quality. Cheap or battered graphics that have seen better days will not convince potential clients to come to you.

Design an inviting layout, aiming to effectively combine exhibition stands, furniture, lighting and LCD displays etc. The overall result should be compelling and powerful.

Create a buzz
Giveaways can be a useful marketing strategy that can increase visibility and create loyalty and good feeling with your customers and visitors.