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Effective lighting

The way you light your exhibition stand can have a dramatic effect on the impact it makes on the public. Your lighting will influence the atmosphere, create focal points, highlight and emphasise certain parts of your message. Getting it right is important…

• Draw attention to your stand using your lighting. Contrasts in density and colour can create depth and interest, drawing the passer-by in. Movement or flashing can have the same effect, and can be achieved by using a screen to show video, without going overboard. You should aim to strike a balance between eye-catching and overload.

• Show your graphics in their best light. Spotlights work well with banner and pop up stands, but you can also use floodlights. The most important thing is to make sure that your lights make graphics more noticeable and visible and don’t cause any glare. Avoid using lighting that is too bright as harsh lights can make an atmosphere cold and uninviting.

• Think about your green credentials and go for LED lights over traditional types. The Powerspot LED powered floodlight is perfect for pop up stands and linear display stands and produces the same light as a 200W halogen floodlight. It doesn’t, however, require the same power or produce as much heat, which can only be a good thing when spending a whole day under the glare of artificial lights.