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Don’t be fooled into paying too much for a banner stand

While browsing the web today and studying our competitors pricing and products, I was quite amazed by the negative selling techniques employed by one particular supplier.

When we talk to our customers by phone or when we talk about products on our website, we try to describe in as much open and honest detail as possible the about item and highlight all the benefits and drawbacks of that product when compared to other offerings.

On the particular suppliers website I found comments like these:-

“PLEASE BEWARE. Even though we have access to the so called discount cheap rollable stands which sell for between £40 and £69WE DO NOT AND WILL NOT SELL THEM.
These cheap stands are not  sold at a discount but built to that price and are not fit for purpose and are more trouble than they are worth.”

In other words… They cannot supply the same value stands as some suppliers so we will attempt to scare you into paying more money for the same thing!

“These cheap stands are not  sold at a discount but built to that price and are not fit for purpose and are more trouble than they are worth”

We sell over 5,000 economy banner stands annually. We have hundreds of happy customers who order again and again and have for years….odd for a ‘not fit for purpose’ product!

“Although case is made from much thicker aircraft standard aluminium it does not weigh any heavier”


I cannot say I have ever come across a banner stand made from aircraft grade aluminium but I save seen first hand the stands from this particular supplier when a customer brought some to me for some cost effective reprints and the thickness of the aluminium was the same as our own budget banner stands!


It’s a shame when a business has to use negative selling techniques and fear in order to persuade a customer to spend more money on a product that they should have to. It does not sit with me well at all.

We offer all of our banner stands with a satisfaction guarantee so purchases are risk free! You can also see genuine product reviews submitted by our customers on our website.

For honest advice and information on any of our exhibition stands please give us a call!


  • Paul Peters


    I couldn’t agree more!

    The site in question is spouting utter nonsense, I noticed it a couple of weeks ago, and I can only hope that those that read your blog realise that they are been completely ripped off by this supplier. There is no reason whatsoever why a banner stand cannot be produced properly for less than £40.00

    Aircraft grade Aluminum!!!!, No wonder they charge so much for them. I am surprised that this supplier doesn’t have the Advertising Standards Authority on their backs, let alone its competitors.

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your comments!

    In the last few years, the prices of banner stands have dropped significantly and now they have become a commodity item that even small businesses can afford.

    Providing you choose the right supplier there is no reason why you cannot get a fit for purpose banner stand unit for around £40 ex vat.

    I have seen the actual stands from the other company and they are no more robust than our budget banner stands. I suspect the country of origin for the base units is China like most other roller banner units that are available in the market.

    All the best