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Don’t hide your display stands in storage

What do you do with your banner and pop up stands when not exhibiting? Do they end up in storage only to see the light of day at the next exhibition? When you have good quality stands and powerful graphics, you should take every opportunity to show them off and present your company:

1. Table top displays
Don’t just pack them away to gather dust until the next event. Their diminutive size makes them a great addition to reception areas or conference and meeting rooms, adding extra interest for any visitors.

2. Roller banner stands
Again, these are great for public spaces such as reception areas. Use linking panels to modify your use of the space while showing off your graphics to make sure your visitors get your message! If you have invested in digital exhibition display stands, then make sure they take pride of place…

3. Literature holders (leaflets, brochures and business cards)
These are a practical way to make information available while keeping public areas tidy.

4. Folding panel kits
Really useful for displaying information that needs regular updates, these display boards are perfect for staff and office areas, for example.