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Display stands- what options do you have?

Display stands are widely used by exhibitors for exhibiting at trade fairs and exhibitions. When your company wants to participate in an exhibition, it is important that you select right type of display stand, as they can make or break your success at the exhibition. Some different type of display stands are explained below…

Traditional display stands

Traditional display stands have been used for a long time as they are known to be effective and many companies have benefited from using them. A normal traditional display stand consists of two rods that are firmly attached to the ground. There is a good amount of space created between these two rods. This space is usually used to hang banners on or exhibit products. Traditional display stands continue to remain popular even though new types of stands have been introduced.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are another very popular variety. They are very popular with exhibitors as they provide a good amount of versatility. A typical modular display stand comprises of many small components which fit together to create the stand. As it consists of many components fitted together, you can arrange it in different ways to create a professional looking stand. Some common types of modular display stands include point of purchase displays, table top displays and portable displays.

Literature display stands

Literature display stands are another type. These are used by exhibitors who want to display lots of literature about a company. A literature stand resembles a small, portable book-shelf with many small compartments.

These are just some of the available display stand options.