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Display stands – Hire or rent?

If your company participates in a trade exhibition on a regular basis, then it must be aware of the different display stands that are used at an exhibition.

Your company may sometimes consider whether it is wise to buy display stands or rent them. Below is an explanation of each of the options.

Renting display stands

You may find it more profitable to rent display stands rather than purchasing them. If you are participating at a trade show on an international platform, then renting display stands can be a feasible option. It can be expensive to ship these stands to overseas destinations so it is always recommended to hire display stands from a reliable source.

Another situation where renting display stands is good is when you are participating in a trade exhibition for the first time. In this situation you might not be too keen on buying display stands.

You also may face a situation where you want to exhibit at more than two exhibitions. In this situation you may not have enough display stands and thus renting is a good option.

Buying display stands

Buying display stands is a good thing to do if your company wishes to participate in trade conventions on a frequent basis. Your company can then avoid the hassle of renting display stands every time it participates in a trade show.

If you participate in mostly local trade exhibitions, then transporting display stands would not be much of a problem. You can then easily take them to different exhibition venues so buying is a viable option.