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Display stands – four types of stands exhibitors can use

Trade exhibitions have always been a part of any company’s marketing mix. Your company must have participated in many trade exhibitions as a part of its marketing campaign. There are different types of display stands that are used in trade exhibitions. Some common types are described below.

Modular display stands

Modular display stands are versatile to use and hence many exhibitors prefer them at trade shows. They may come with a lot of additional features like shelves, video screens and multiple product hooks. All these features can be used in conjunction with each other to suit the needs of the company. Modular display stands are of different types like panels and pole displays, portable displays and table top displays.

Pop up display stands

Pop up display stands are popular with most exhibitors as they come with a lot of add-on features. The most notable feature of pop up display stands is that they are portable and can be easily customised to suit the requirements of the company. As they are portable, they can be easily transported to different locations. They are light in weight and come in a range of designs.

Banner display stands

Banner display stands can be easily transported to any location and they are simple to set up and use. They are compact in size and can be used on multiple occasions. A good thing about banner display stands is that they are economical and can fit within any budget.

Literature stands

Literature display stands are used to display different kinds of written materials. A typical literature display stand comprises many small shelves or compartments. These display stands are widely used in conferences and large scale trade exhibitions.