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Different types of pop-up displays that are available for use at exhibitions

Many exhibitors use pop up displays to give their trade booth a professional look. They are effective in attracting attendees.

Pop up displays

Pop up displays look attractive and can enhance the look of your trade booth. They can be used to display product information and other eye-catching graphics related to the products. Pop up displays are long-lasting and robust so they do not break easily. They are also flexible in terms of their usage and can be used for different types of stalls. They can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor exhibitions.

There are different types of pop up displays available, some of which are described below.

Panel pop up displays

Panel pop up displays are made using different panels and are available in diverse fabrics and various colours and designs. These displays are supported by polarised magnets.

Graphic pop up displays

Graphic pop up displays are made using aluminium and feature magnetic strips. These displays are able to display high resolution images and this helps to attract a greater number of people. Graphic pop up displays have halogen lights connected to them which enhances their overall look and appeal.

Tabletop pop up displays

Tabletop pop up displays are used when available space is limited.