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Different types of exhibition stands which marketers can use

When you are participating in an exhibition, you have to consider various things. You have to book your space at the exhibition, arrange for exhibition design accessories and look for exhibition stands. There are different types of stands that are commonly used by marketers. These are further explained below.

Banner stands

Banner stands are used by many exhibitors as they are effective in creating the right impact at the exhibition. Another good thing about banner stands is that they can be easily transported to different locations and this makes them a good option for multiple usage. Banner stands are great for promotional purposes and they can also be used for point of sale programs. Another reason why exhibitors prefer to use banner stands is that they are affordable and can fit within almost any budget.

Exhibition stands

Exhibition stands come in a range of styles, and companies can also order custom designed exhibition stands. The price of exhibition stands varies according to their individual features and characteristics. Some are simple while some come with a lot of add-on features. If the exhibitor is ready to stretch their budget, then they can buy eye-catching exhibition stands that can attract the target audience and fulfil the company’s objective of getting more traffic. Simpler stands are also effective in creating the right impact.

Literature stands

Literature stands are stands which are used by exhibitors when a lot of literature needs to be displayed. Apart from exhibitions, literature stands are also used at presentations and conferences. The exhibitor can place various types of literature such as leaflets, brochures and catalogues.

These are some of the most effective and popular types of exhibition stands.