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Different types of exhibition stands for different purposes

Are you planning to promote your business via trade shows and exhibitions? It is indeed a wise decision. You can avoid wastage of resources by promoting your goods and services at an exhibition. However, selection of exhibition stands plays an important role in the success of the trade show. Mentioned below are some of the most popular types of exhibitions stand.

Pop-up stands

Pop-up stands are seen at almost all trade shows. Such stands are portable and easy to set up. Thus, pop up stands are a perfect choice for any exhibition event schedule. They are produced with a lightweight metal frame and you can further accentuate your banner with lighting. These stands can be assembled by a single person without any assistance.

Banner stands

Banner stands are ideal for smaller exhibition areas. They are available in a light telescopic frame design that is tall and narrow and in the following forms:

• Cassette
• Curved
• Roller

Banner stands are portable and can also be used for different occasions such as parties and wedding events. They are easy to set up and can also be moved after installation. This makes them viable for a restricted exhibition space.