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Designing your trade show layout

What to avoid…

1. Whatever your design or message, you have to check how easy it is for visitors to find the entrance to your stand. If you don’t have enough entrances, people won’t be drawn in and won’t necessarily make the effort to make a detour to come in. If there aren’t enough exits, people may also leave rather swiftly if they feel hemmed in.

2. Don’t cram your exhibit full of display stands and other exhibition furniture. It may be tempting to try and wow your visitors with incredible display graphics, pop up islands and banner stands, but you need to resist the temptation! As with the first point, if people feel hemmed in, they will want to leave. They will also come away with a confused message.

3. Don’t wing it! Improvisation is not a good idea. When you are designing the graphics for your pop us stands and other display stands, they must be thought of as a whole and in context. Your display must tell your story, and for that to happen, you need to build it. Print Designs has an online tool for designing your booth – make sure you use it. Visualising your design will help you see if it works or not, and allows you to get other opinions.