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Designing Pop Up Stands with An Interchangeable Panel

When designing artwork for a pop up stand, it is always worth considering the ability to replace graphic panels cost effectively in the future.

Depending on the size of the display, the pop up stand could contain many panels and obviously it is more cost effective to change over only one panel that it is to replace a whole set. For this reason why not design the artwork for one of the pop up stand panel drops to be interchangeable?

So why do we need to design the replaceable panel differently than normal?…..

Due to restrictions in the printing process, it is impossible to guarantee an exact colour match if too much time has elapsed between the original panels being printed and the replacement panel being required.

The problems are down to several factors including:

  • Air temperature
  • Humidity
  • Batch of ink
  • Batch of Media
  • Calibration fluctuations of printer
  • Condition of thermal heads in printer (they are changed every couple of litres of ink)

If many Months or even years have elapsed since originally printing the pop up display, the likelhood of getting an exact panel match or colour an alignment is slim.

If one or more of the stand panels are to be changed then it’s best to make the interchangeable ones distinct from those that surrounding ones so there is nothing critical to match up. Why not design the replaceable panel in a different colour entirely? It sounds odd but actually on a display an informational panel like this is very effective!

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