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Designing layouts from the outside in…

The layout of a booth can make or break its success at a trade show. Until you actually begin to plan the layout of your exhibition, you may not appreciate how much thought it requires! Below are some tips to help you plan a profitable trade show display:

• Start from the outside. Look very carefully at how many entrance points you have to your exhibition. Consider it from the viewpoint of a visitor, wandering around the trade show hall. Entrances need to be visible from as many approaches as possible. One way of drawing attention to them is by using pop up towers or double-sided banner stands, which can be seen from all angles.

• Now, think about the inside. Make sure that people have enough space to move around inside without feeling restricted. If visitors feel uncomfortable, they will not linger. Try and create a natural direction or flow with the help of your display stands, to encourage visitors to see as much of your display as possible.

• Make sure that graphics have been designed to convey your message clearly and attractively. Make sure that panel layouts have been thought about, with important messages at eye-level. Do the same with any products on display to ensure that no important items will be missed.