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Designing effective graphics

Effective banner graphic designs fulfill certain specific criteria:

• they are designed for a moving rather than a captive audience
• they are eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing
• they communicate the essential information in a concise way.


• The frequency and context of use of your banner stands will dictate your message. Keep text to a minimum and use bullet points rather than paragraphs. You can provide leaflets or explanations with more detailed information.
• Be careful in your choice of fonts and text size. Quirky, interesting fonts are not easy to read, whereas simple fonts encourage people to read on. Make sure text size allows for easy reading, and that titles are larger and more noticeable.

Image & colour

• Choose a high quality image that complements the tone and subject of your message.
• Aim for a coherent whole in terms of colour. Keep in line with corporate colours and those used in logos.


• The layout of your banner design needs to be balanced, with the combination of image and text leading the gaze from beginning to end.
• Place the most important information (logo, key message or slogan) first and aim to have it at about eye-level.
• Don’t overcomplicate or overfill the banner, as you don’t want the visitor’s attention to be distracted away from the important information.