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Demonstrate your strong points

Trade shows can provide valuable opportunities for demonstrating your products. They need to be well-conceived, however, if you are to avoid putting visitors off more than attracting them in!

Make sure any presentations or demos that you give are clearly tailored to the target audience. They need to demonstrate the value of your products and services and you need to prove how they could make your customer’s life better without sounding like a hard sell.

Keep them short and animated. Demonstrations need to be informative without overwhelming the audience, so make sure you aim to communicate the essential information in the shortest time possible and in the most entertaining way.

Make sure you use the demo not only as a sales opportunity, but also as a chance to understand your client base better, and to collect information that will help you to learn how best to market your product.

Not only will this make the experience more interactive for your customers, but you are more likely to engage their interest and collect valuable information yourself.

Use display counters with branded header banners and wraparound graphics. They enable you to put on product demonstrations that can also encourage your visitors to engage with the product and the presenter.

You could also opt for pop up stands with integrated AV displays that allow you to use promotional videos and recorded product demonstrations to attract interest.