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Cricket Banner Stands Review

In today’s price-sensitive display market, the pressure driven by the consumer for increasingly cheap banner stands is high. Over the course of the last few years, the banner stand market has been dominated by economy twin-foot roller banner units ranging in weight from 2-5KG.

The Cricket banner stand is an imported unit, manufactured in China and distributed by Ultima Displays. Available for around £10 each, these stands are intended to be used for one-off events whereby the stand can be disposed of after use.

The casing on the Cricket banner stand is made of the thinnest possible aluminum thus keeping the price low. There is a noticeable degree of ‘flex’ in the casing if pressure is applied to the product by hand. The outer carry bag that is supplied with the Cricket is a nylon sleeve. There is no protective packing inside the sleeve itself and so the bag would offer no protection against knocks and bashes in transit and should therefore be packed well prior to dispatch.

We tested the Cricket banner stand with several printable materials to establish if the lightweight construction would be capable of supporting the weight of the printed graphic panel. In tests, we found that our 600gsm blockout was simply too heavy for the stand, causing it to lean forward at an alarming angle. A lighter weight tear-resistant PP Paper performed better as the decreased weight of the graphic placed less strain on the base mechanism and thus prevented the ‘lean’. We would still have concerns however given that during assembly, it is easy to cause the casing to become distorted/bent when tipping the pole.

Our overall opinion is that the Cricket banner stand is a good solution for the customer who wants the cheapest possible banner stand for a one off promotion but we would not recommend the product whereby the duty cycle was longer than this, nor can we recommend the product for use with a heavyweight graphic.

From experience, when offered a cheap product (even if it is advertised as a single use item) then some customers could purchase the stand as a long-term display solution. A decision was therefore taken not to offer the Cricket banner stands openly via the website but to make the product available on request for those customers requiring bulk quantities of low-cost, throw-away banner stands.