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Create a versatile exhibition stand

For those of you who are planning frequent trips to trade shows, it is much more cost-effective to design your exhibition display around modular pieces that can be re-used in different stand spaces and layouts.

Adaptable solutions for creating the layout:

1. Banner stands can be a flexible option, as some models link together to create longer, continuous display walls. Curved shapes can be created by linking the stands together using flexilink panels, and roller banners can be linked together to create a whole variety of shapes.

2. Create a back wall and corner using an L-shaped pop up stand, while leaving the rest of your exhibition space as open as possible to maximise visibility from all approaches.

3. Back wall displays can also be constructed using the more traditional folding panel kits. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes and colours.

4. The ISOframe wave system creates a high impact display, but is extremely flexible in terms of shape and size and so can be adapted to different spaces. They can also include integrated display counters, shelves and LCD screens, which again allow you to adapt your display to each new venue and audience.