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Create a dynamic display with digital exhibition stands

Have you ever thought of integrating a digital exhibition stand to your display? Combining pop up stands, counters and banner stands with the new digital stands can add interest to your company’s exhibition.

The stands comprise a high quality 46” LCD panel set in an aluminium frame. Inside is a 2GB internal memory card which stores your visual and audio files.

The overall effect is extremely eye-catching and slick. There is no need for loads of cables, or even to leave your PC connected, and files can be transferred via the USB cable interface.

The stand can play JPEG and MP3 files simultaneously, allowing you to put your images to music and create a more dynamic display.

Perhaps surprisingly, the stand is very easy to use. Its software means that you can manage start times, play durations, and even add effects to your graphics.

Maybe the biggest advantage of the digital exhibition stand, however, is the freedom it gives the exhibitor to communicate multiple messages. You can revise and review graphics easily and simply transfer the files to update your music and images.

If you exhibit frequently and on a regular basis, this could actually represent a cost-effective way of displaying up-to-date graphics; while those who exhibit occasionally can still benefit from these high impact displays by renting them for the duration of the exhibition.