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Contour cutting of display boards and exhibition graphics

Contour Cutting with The Zund Digital Cutter

The Zund cutter will contour cut almost any material into shapes

In the summer of 2011, we installed a Zund G3 cutting machine which is used to trim our display graphics digitally. Until we installed the Zund cutter, graphics had to be trimmed manually using semi-automated rotary and drag-knife cutting tables, a process which was labour-intensive and less accurate than fully automated cutting. The Zund cutter took over the manual cutting of pop up stands, roller banners and banner stands.

As well as the trimming of our core products, installing the Zund cutter opens up possibilities when it comes to creating interesting shaped display boards and graphics. Customers who were restricted to square or rectangular shaped panels for exhibitions and displays can now opt to have the material produced in any shape and at no additional cost.

The set up of artwork for contour cutting is actually very simple and required the addition of a cutting guide layer and some registration dots to your artwork. By setting the artwork for contour cutting yourself, you have complete control over where the graphic is trimmed and you will also avoid any artwork set up charges.

To assist with the set up of artwork, we have produced an easy to understand artwork setup guide. To set up artwork for contour cutting you will need the package Adobe Illustrator which is a vector based artwork graphics package.

For those customer who are interested in contour cutting but do have have the ability to set-up artwork in a print-ready format, our studio can help. Please just email your files to which a brief description outlining what cutting is required and we will come back to you with a quotation for any file preparation that might be necessary.

You can download our artwork setup guide for contour cutting by clicking the download link below.

Contour Cutting Artwork Setup