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Choosing your pop up stands

Pop up stands are versatile and practical which makes them a popular choice for exhibition displays. They exist, however, in different forms, so how should you go about choosing the best model for you? It all depends on your priorities!

Fabric pop up stands have an incredibly lightweight single piece textile skin, which makes them extremely easy to transport.

Extra rigidity and stability
Go for the cross-braced pop up stands which have additional tubing in the structure which is a distinct advantage if your exhibition space has an uneven floor.

The Quick Fix pop up stand also has less flex than other similar magnetically locking models from other manufacturers.

Easy assembly
Express pop up stands use magnetic fixings to attach graphics rather than nodes.

The Express pop up stand represents the best value pop up display in the UK…

Variety of shapes
Quick Fix stands are available in straight and curved shapes to add variety to your exhibition.

360° Visibility
The unique rounded shape of the pop up tower means it can be viewed from any angle.

Maximising free space
L-shaped pop up stands are great for creating a back wall and corner for your stand, leaving the rest of your space as free and open as possible.

LCD screens
Smaller screens can be integrated into Quick Fix pop up stands, while larger screens of up to 60” can be used with straight Express pop up stands.